The Rich get Richer...

The Rich get Richer...

Queens, New York rapper 50 Cent has entered into a partnership with yet another brand, a partnership that will reportedly bring in $78 million for the musician.

The latest company to recruit the G-Unit helmsman is Frigo RevolutionWear, an underwear company “created to revolutionize the underwear industry by offering men optimal comfort, moisture-control and support, with style and practicality in mind.”

50 Cent revealed the news via Instagram this week and spoke further on his partnership with the brand during his appearance on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” .

“I just did a deal for $78 million for underwear. What did you muthafuckas do today? Lllllllllooooolllllllllll #Boom #FRIGO,” 50 Cent said in a caption to a photo uploaded to Instagram.

“It’s $100 at Neiman Marcus. These $100 underwear were actually hand-created and actually hand-stitched,” 50 Cent said. “They have a technology in ‘em where you can put your man apples. For you to place your sack in another sack that has been [ergonomically] designed for comfort. But, you know, women they spend so much money on lingerie. It’s the right project for men.”